Friday, April 27, 2018

Axolotl Health Issues and Treatments | What to Do If Your Axolotl Is Sick

No one likes it when their axolotl isn’t feeling well, so here’s an overview of common axolotl health issues and treatments. Contact a licensed veterinarian who is familiar with amphibians to receive professional help for your axolotl.

This video covers fungus on gills, external injuries, skin discolorations, parasites, and intestinal and internal organ issues. There’s also a glossary of general treatments for axolotls, such as using a quarantine tub, force feeding, fridging, salt baths, and tea baths. Best of luck with your axolotl!


List of Herp Veterinarians:
Directory of Aquatic Vets and Disease Diagnostic Labs
List of Reportedly Safe and Unsafe Treatments
Salamander Illnesses and Medications

DISCLAIMER: Consult a professional veterinarian for all health issues and recommended treatments concerning your axolotl. I am just a hobbyist providing general information on the topic and shall not be liable for any losses or damages related to the content of the video. Also, remember that some treatments may need to be altered for juveniles versus adults, so talk to your vet about the proper course of action.

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