Saturday, April 28, 2018

How to DIY Upgrade the Filter for a Top Fin 5 Gallon Aquarium | Hack My Betta Tank

Love the look of PetSmart’s Top Fin Retreat 5-gallon rimless glass aquarium but not sure about the filtration? Skip the disposable cartridge in the starter kit, and check out these easy tips and tricks for giving this nano tank a much-needed renovation. (P.S. This aquarium is perfect for a betta fish because the filter output is way slow and gentle. 👍)

Materials I Used

Petsmart Top Fin 5 Gallon Glass Aquarium
Foam sponges
Ceramic bio rings
Filter insert bags (instead of pantyhose)


Petsmart Top Fin 5 Gallon Glass Aquarium $49.99 Unboxing Review!
Aquarium filter setup! How I Bio media Filter!

Question of the Day

Have you ever hot-rodded your aquarium filtration, and if so what worked best for you? Comment below to share your answers!

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