Saturday, March 10, 2018

How to Clean a Fish Tank | 4 Easy Water Change Methods to Try Out

Check out my video tutorial on the easy way to clean 4 different types of aquariums, including a quarantine tank, desktop nano tank, fry grow-out tank, and your main display tank at home. Topics include:

► How to start a siphon and vacuum the gravel
► How often to do aquarium water changes
► How to clean an aquarium filter sponge
► How to remove algae
► What I use as my aquarium glass cleaner

Materials I Use

General Instructions (skip steps as needed)

  1. Measure the water quality to determine how much water to change and how often to do water changes. Aim for ammonia and nitrites at 0 ppm and nitrates at 20-40 ppm for a tank with live plants (less otherwise).
  2. Turn off the heater and filter.
  3. Clean the filter and filter intake sponges if they're clogged and preventing good water flow.
  4. To remove algae, scrape down the aquarium walls and scrub the décor using an algae pad or scrapper. (Don't use soap or other cleaners to clean anything inside the tank.)
  5. Put the hose end of the siphon in a bucket, sink drain, or outside to water your plants. Start the siphon to begin removing old tank water. Use the tube end of the siphon to probe the bottom of the tank and vacuum up detritus.
  6. Add water conditioner/dechlorinator directly to the aquarium.
  7. Fill up the tank using new water that is at the same temperature as the old water. (Your hand can sense temperature accurately within a few degrees.) To avoid disturbing the substrate, you can pour the water onto a colander or clean plastic bag that's placed in the tank.
  8. Turn on the heater and filter again.
  9. Wipe down the outside of the aquarium to remove smudges and water spots. I like to use a lint-free glass polishing e-cloth, while others recommend white vinegar. 
And you're done! Hopefully these tips and tricks have made aquarium maintenance less of a chore, so you can spend more time enjoying your beautiful aquarium. Good luck and keep on swimming!

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