Saturday, March 3, 2018

What Education Do You Need to Make Video Games? | Interview with an Industry Veteran

Exclusive interview with my husband Mr. Gamer, a 20+ year veteran in the video game industry, on what kind of schooling (both formal and informal) is needed to make video games for a living! Topics include:

PART 1: Advice for Middle and High Schoolers
► What are my goals in middle and high school?
► What classes are important and how do they apply making to video games?
► Do you need good grades or a portfolio to get into college?
► How do I get experience making video games while in middle or high school?

PART 2: Advice for College Students
► What college degrees and universities are best for video game careers?
► Should I go to a “regular” versus video game college?
► What kind of experience should I get during college?

Comment below if you have any questions for Mr. Gamer about the video game industry!

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