Saturday, February 24, 2018

Fish Quarantine 101: How to Set Up a DIY Quarantine Tank and Use Quarantine Meds

Before you get new fish, it's best to make sure they're not sick before adding them to your main display aquarium. Here's a quick 2-minute tutorial that covers step-by-step instructions on how to quarantine fish. Topics include:
  • How do I build a cheap and easy DIY quarantine tank?
  • What equipment do I need to setup a quarantine tank?
  • What quarantine medications can I use to prevent diseases in new fish?
  • How long should I quarantine my new fish?
New albino corydoras from Petco, going into DIY hospital tank
Wait, don't add us into your main aquarium yet! We could be sick... 😷

How to Build a DIY Quarantine Tank

All you need for quarantine is a simple container that allows you to view the condition of the fish, is easy to clean on a frequent basis if needed, and doesn't take much effort to set up and teardown. My current hospital tank consists of:
DIY fish hospital tank setup
For the clear plastic tub, I marked up the side with the number of gallons to help with accurate medication dosing. I also drilled holes in the lid for air and electrical cords to pass through.

Equipment needed for a fish quarantine setup
The minimal equipment for a quarantine tank includes a heater, thermometer, décor for fish to hide in, and heater if needed.

After watching Aquarium Co-op's quarantine video, I have started using their recommended fish medication trio. It's totally up to you whether you want to prophylactically medicate your fish. Lots of people like to wait and see or use gentler methods like aquarium salt or Indian almond leaves.

Final Tips on Quarantining Fish

I quarantine my fish for four to six weeks, which seems like forever but I've faced fatal fish diseases before and it's just not worth it. Besides you can still enjoy them in their temporary home in the meanwhile. Just keep a close watch on them for any signs of illness.

Also, I like to keep my quarantine setup right next to the kitchen sink so that it's super convenient to do frequent water changes and provide the new fish with lots of clean water.

Finally, feed your fish a good variety of frozen and prepared foods (or even live foods) to boost their immune systems, fatten their bellies, and make their colors truly shine. Best of luck with your new fish and keep on swimming!

How do you like to quarantine your fish? Have you ever had a disaster from skipping the quarantine process?

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