Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why Am I Still Playing the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood App?

Everyone has their guilty pleasures that make no sense. I consider myself to be a pretty practical person, and yet I indulge in wasting time with task-based games (like Farmville and Animal Crossing) and reading celebrity gossip. Combine the two of these idiotic interests, and you've got the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile game. Ack! There was no resisting...

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game - working at Kardash
How can working a pretend retail job even be remotely interesting?
Hilariously enough, it's become one of the most-downloaded and highest-rated free games on iTunes, so I'm apparently not the only one caught up in its addictiveness. They've definitely got the balance right because the #1 complaint in the reviews is how slowly your character's energy level refills, which of course compels people to spend real-world money (even up to $500 in some cases). Given that I'm not willing to let go of a single cent, I've found that the best way to play this game is in frequent, little bursts rather than continuously for long periods of time. Using that method, I was able to easily reach the #1 A-lister position within just a couple of weeks of free play.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app - photo shoot
The pursuit of fame is incredibly monotonous in many ways...
If that's the primary goal of the game, then why am I still playing? It's mindless, meaningless button-pushing with no apparent end. Well...first off, there are pets. You can't do much with them besides pet them to get energy points, etc. but they exist and therefore must be claimed.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game - Miami beach house with Miniature Pinscher pet
I don't even like Miniature Pinschers but... must have!
There are also boyfriends to date. They're kinda whiny and get mad if you don't see them at least once a day, but I'm curious to see what will happen if I continue "leveling up" our relationship. I've seen forum talk that given enough time, they may give you the keys to their apartment or even propose to you. So the mystery keeps me going.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game - date at Miraggio Grande in Las Vegas
All he does is criticize my outfits and make me pay for dinner... stupid game mechanics. :P
But really, the main reason I play is because... it's a form of wish fulfillment. My character basically allows me to play dress-up with an electronic paper doll by clothing her in lavish outfits and glamorous makeup.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game - Kustomize screen for buying and changing clothes
Look at all those pretty dresses!! (^▽^)
Even if I won a gazillion dollars, I still wouldn't be the type to own a fabulous wardrobe. There are too many more significant things that would come first, and fashion-wise, I'm just not that adventurous in real life. But a video game avatar earning and spending fake money on clothes? Innocent fun, as long as it doesn't take away time from my family and God. Oh my, I can only wonder what I'll be like when our little girl comes into the world... :)

Confession time: what's your guilty pleasure in life?  (And anyone else willing to admit they play the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game like me? ^_~)


Unknown said...

I play Simpsons Tapped Out. There. Now you know my shame. Umm, does the Kardashian game have an Android version? I'm um, asking for a friend.

A Gamer's Wife said...

Haha, it absolutely does! I actually have an Android phone myself, but I don't connect with any real-life people via Google+ or Facebook because I'm too embarrassed to have it show up on my feed. Only my blog readers get to know my shameful secret. ;)