Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to Do Visual Comedy

As you may have heard, K wrote a script for a feature-length comedy and we're currently in the fundraising phase. Lots of people experienced in the film industry have said it's one of the funniest scripts they've read in a while. Of course that makes me very proud of my husband's work, but also slightly puzzled. Because I know for a fact that K has a rather... offbeat sense of humor that I would not consider very conventional. For example, the kind of shows he finds hilarious include:
If I had to put my finger on a common theme, it would be that K loves unpredictable, awkward situations and non sequiturs. In fact, he finds conventional comedies to be super boring. Like most film buffs, K and his brother love overanalyzing what makes a movie good versus not. And something that they find lacking in modern-day films is the usage of visual gags. Here's a delightful montage/analysis of visual comedy clips that I found to be both very entertaining and informative. Definitely worth watching!

The first movie that K and I ever saw together was actually Edgar Wright's Shawn of the Dead, and despite my fear of zombies, I was immediately and unconsciously smitten (both with the director's style and with K). Given the chance, I know that K can make a really funny movie that people would enjoy, so I really pray that one day his comedy receives full funding and comes to a box office near you. :)

What are some of your favorite TV show or movie comedies? One of mine is probably the quirky French romantic comedy Amélie.

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