Thursday, February 13, 2014

"I Feel Like a WoW Widower"

As much as I would love to totally blame my pregnancy for the lack of blogging last month, I have to admit that I have become "that person" - the one who spends all their free time playing video games. Gasp! To be fair, it did start because of morning sickness. I was feeling so uncomfortable in the evenings, and the only way to take my mind off the discomfort was, well, distraction. And that distraction came in the form of Rune Factory 4. I have a serious weakness for this series, and the latest version has three story arcs, more expansive dungeons, and random chance for getting married (for some people, it takes several in-game years). I have the ability to play a female main character for the first time, so it'll be interesting to see who proposes...

So many men, so little time
Unfortunately, looks like I was enjoying the game a little too much, so much so that K commented he was starting to feel like a WoW widower. Oh no! The gamer's wife has become the gamer. O_O

I'm ashamed to admit that one time I asked K to write me a reminder that I had an in-game date at 10 am. You know it's bad when your gamer husband calls you a nerd. ^_^;;;
Then something interesting happened. As of February, K is officially off the film project's payroll since his responsibilities are currently done, so he's hit the ground running for some serious job hunting. He doesn't want to get a full-time video game job since a) the industry is so unstable and b) he would need to quit as soon as the movie successfully funds. Given his background in digital graphics, contract work as a graphics designer is a possibility, but competition is tough in this area.

However, his longtime friend Shawn is actually a full-time contractor for a video game company that allows him to work from home! Who does that?? It sounds like a perfect fit and the boss already knows K (small world in this industry). So yeah... I'm putting down the 3DS (no more Rune Factory!) and reentering the real world so I can fully support K during this intense season. Rather than investing in my digital relationships, it's time to focus on my flesh-and-blood husband with daily words of encouragement, flirty hugs and kisses, and intercessory prayer. Nothing like a little crisis to get the troops rallied. ^_~

But my digital family doesn't require me to cook! ;)

P.S. And no, I haven't been neglecting Dexter for a video game, in case you were wondering. If anything, K complained that our lives have been only about our baby kiddo. Time to bring back regular date nights!


MartinKids said...

My hubby is also job hunting, having been laid off for the third time a few weeks ago. He is looking for a job at a traditional studio, but is also developing a side project with his other jobless co-workers. He is doing a lot of work from home and it has actually been quite an adjustment. (we are still trying to work out schedules, etc since he is a night owl and his office is in our bedroom! :\ )

A Gamer's Wife said...

Oh man! I totally know what you mean about having to adjust to seeing each other all the time when you both work from home. This new contract job would be good because then some days in the week, he could go work at Shawn's place and get out of the house more. Will be praying for your hubby's job search as well!

Unknown said...

Awww! Congrats with the pregnancy :-) And welcome to the "work from home together" club. It has a lot of perks and is very good for the relationship, as long as you get to spend a lot of quality time together. The only downside is it feels like work never stops. Hubby and I tend to work till 5pm, relax and eat and work again. And it is extra tough with a toddler, I am sure you have noticed. As for the videogame addiction, I haven't played in months because I know if I start a game, I won't be able to stop and there's so much work to be done! Good luck to you guys. I am sure God will bless your finances.

A Gamer's Wife said...

Thank you for the support! We actually work for separate companies, but K's complaint is that he feels like he sees me too much! He's a very extroverted and misses the social aspect of seeing coworkers and non-family members. :) And yes, totally agree on how tough it is to work with a toddler, especially if you have client calls!