Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy Holidays! (And a Year-End Update)

Huge Monster Hunter felyne knitted Christmas stocking - incomplete
Almost there! And 3 more to go... :)
Well, unfortunately I didn't finish the stockings in time for Christmas (which is ok, since I don't think Dexter's wagon would have fit anyway). In fact, I didn't even finish the first stocking! But I don't feel so bad about it because:
  1. These stockings are huge! Seriously, I'm at the foot part now and it's almost 30 inches long from top to heel. O_O
  2. Duplicate stitching (and with multiple colors) takes a looong time. Although I don't really mind it as much as some knitters do since cross stitching was one of my first hobbies. Better than attempting stranding with 4 different colors.
  3. I'm totally exhausted and suffering from low-grade nausea all the time because... Dexter's going to be a big brother! :D
I feel like I'm whinier/wussier this pregnancy (after one particularly queasy evening I told K, "I'm not doing this again! If you want any more kids, we're adopting"). Maybe it's because the first time around, everything was so magical about the miracle of life. Every little symptom, no matter how unpleasant, was a precious experience to be savored. Plus, I was a bit nervous about being ready to handle motherhood. This time, I know what's coming. Upset stomach, painful ribcage stretching, exhausting labor, even more exhausting months of caring for a newborn. And yet, when I look at Dexter's little face, my heart swoons and I'm filled with unspeakable love. (K says it's the hormones.)

To be truthful, baby #2 is a bit of a miracle. Last time we tried to conceive, it took half a year of ovulation calculations, temperature readings, other measures... honestly, it was kind of stressful and not so fun. When Dexter turned one, I was raring to start trying again, but K was nervous about our financial situation. His salary from the movie will be dwindling now that we've switched phases and the Executive Producer is focused on raising the production budget. And who knows how long that process will take? What if it took years before K felt comfortable enough to give Dexter a sibling??

I felt like God was telling me to leave the issue alone and that when it was time, both K and I would know. It's in my nature to be in control and not wait around for results. But rather than taking things into my own hands (like Abraham and Sarah in their baby-making misadventures), it could be that God was saving me from a lot of disappointment and heartache. So I felt peace about the decision. And a few months later, both K and I decided to just give God all the control and let Him bring this baby with His perfect timing. He has always provided for us, He knows exactly when the movie will fund, and He Himself instilled my dream of being a full-time stay-at-home mom. So we ignored the calendar, skipped the thermometer, and prepared to enjoy this season of "trying without trying"... which lasted exactly 1 month. O_O

When I showed K the pregnancy test, he laughed and said, "I knew it! I knew he moment we went off birth control, you were going to get pregnant. That's God's sense of humor, to wait till everything's up in the air so we have to trust in Him." Really? I was totally shocked by the result! K said he didn't tell me about his premonition because he didn't want to get my hopes up. Now he won't tell me his guess on the baby's gender! Hmm, he was right about Dexter being a boy, too... I wonder how I can trick him into revealing his secret. ¬‿¬

Christmas perler bead ornament set - baby Mario and baby Princess Peach
What do you think? Are we having a girl or boy this time? (Source: Etsy)


MartinKids said...

Oh, and I'll def. pray that your husband finds the right job!

A Gamer's Wife said...

Thank you so much! You're a sweetie. :)