Sunday, November 17, 2013

Star Wars Halloween Extravaganza!

Sorry about the belated post! Meant to post this immediately after Halloween but we were out of town last week. Check out this crazy Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter that someone built near my brother LDK's neighborhood:

Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter for Halloween decorations

Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter for Halloween decorations

Can you imagine seeing that parked in someone's front lawn! It's not exactly life-size, but pretty big none the less. The family's kids were also fully dressed as various Star Wars characters and stood on around the spacecraft to help enhance the scene.

Halloween lawn decorations - kids dressed up as Darth Maul and Jawa
Kids serving as Darth Maul and Jawa lawn decorations
The garage had been fully converted into the famous Mos Eisley Cantina, where loads of candy were served at the bar. Plus, loud Star Wars music was blaring on the speakers, entertaining the entire block.

LDK took a short video that shows the X-Wing Starfighter in action, with blinking lights and mysterious smoke. So coool! I hope they do it again when Dexter is older; I think we'd totally consider flying there just for Halloween!

Only a few more hours till the kitty backpack giveaway ends. Thanks to everyone who has entered so far!

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