Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Winner of the Blue Kitty Backpack Giveaway

Sorry for the late announcement, but thank you for all the suggestions for my upcoming new series "Home is Where the Console Is." (Like the new banner?) We have an official winner: suggestion #6 by Teresa! Please email me your contact information and I'll get it mailed to you asap.

As I've been researching some geek chic décor as inspiration, I came across this awesome Etsy site called Cutting Pixels. The shop owner specializes in video game paper cuts that look super clean and even elegant like 18th century portrait silhouettes. Check out her work:

My Neighbor Totoro paper cut by Cutting Pixels
My Neighbor Totoro

Link from Legend of Zelda papercut by Cutting Pixels
Link from The Legend of Zelda

Akuma from Street Fighter - Cutting Pixels papercut
Akuma from Street Fighter

Piranha plant from Mario Brothers - Cutting Pixels papercut
The famous piranha plant (my favorite)

Cutting Pixels totally embodies what I'm trying to do with our home – make our house look sophisticated while still incorporating K's love of video games. A true meld of our two personalities. :)

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