Sunday, November 3, 2013

Giveaway: Blue Kitty Cat Backpack

Toddler kitty cat backpack
Dexter's not sure he wants to give away the new "toy" he found on Mommy's chair.
My anime group decided to make a trip down to our annual anime conference. I didn't feel brave enough to make a costume, given the intensity of all the serious cosplayers out there. Big idea: why not crochet or knit something for the con? :) I had a ton of baby blue Caron Pound of Love yarn to use up, and was inspired by this bunny backpack I saw on Animal Crossing. Unfortunately, as with most improvised patterns, there was a lot of frogging and redoing involved, so I didn't finish it in time. Fortunately for you, I managed to complete it in the short intermission between Dexter's Halloween costume and Christmas craft gifts. Welcome to... the Kitty Cat Backpack giveaway!

Crochet kitty cat backpack
Am I not super adorable?
Crochet kitty cat backpack - back shot
Check out my cute curved tail!
How can you enter to win? Well, I'm starting a new series called Home Is Where the Console Is, which will consist of DIY tutorials on how to live with a gamer without having your house feel like a college dorm room. There's already a ton of blogs and articles out there about how women can deal with their partners' gaming habits, but this is more like the Martha Stewart Show for gamers' wives and girlfriends. For example, what's the best way to store (aka hide) all those video games? How about best practices for hosting a LAN party? I've got a pretty good list of decorating and domestic tricks already, but I'd love to hear what kind of topics you'd like to see. You can enter the giveaway in several way:
  1. Blog: Leave a comment on this blog post with your idea(s) for the series.
  2. Facebook: Leave a comment on the giveaway photo on my Facebook page here with your idea(s) for the series. (Winner must be a fan of the A Gamer's Wife page on Facebook.)
  3. Twitter: Reply to the giveaway tweet here with your ideas for the series. (Winner must be a follower of @agamerswife on Twitter.)
Each new topic/question will be considered as a separate entry, so submit as many as you like. The contest will be open for two weeks until Sunday, November 17, and the winner will be announced the following day. Best of luck to all of you!

Crochet baby blue kitty cat plushie backpack
You know you want to take me home!
Note: the backpack is currently kid-sized where each strap is about 24" long. However, I can increase the straps to a custom length if requested. The cat is about 12" from ear to toe, and the bag is about 7.5" tall.


Lisa said...

I love the back pack! I've been reading your blog for a little while, and I'm really looking forward to this new series of yours! While my husband isn't a game developer, he is an engineer/all around nerd, and we have a lot of games. Topics I'd be interested in seeing are:

-How to convince your partner to cull their game collection
-How to keep the living/gaming area stylish, but still comfortable for the gamer
-Best/easiest/tidiest snacks for the gamer and his friends
-Best methods for dealing with too-loud video game play

Teresa said...


- How to make your overall decor look "grownup" with balancing it with the occasional game poster, trinket, etc. What to keep and what to throw out?
- How you balance your own "adult" sleeping schedule with the up-all-night schedule of gamers,
- How do you know a t-shirt is "geeky" enough to buy for your gamer, especially when his tastes are pickier than yours?
- How do you avoid everything being named after a video game, anime series, etc. (Pets, children, imaginary friends, etc.)
- How is your car "gamer-fied"?
- Any ideas on making a man-cave dual purpose, especially if your house is small?