Monday, October 28, 2013

"Half-a-Baby" Zombie Costume

Knowing our love of zombies, Lisa sent me a link for a torso-only zombie baby costume. Sooo cute! This would be the perfect follow-up to last year's baby zombie brain hat I made for Dexter. It probably would have been a ton faster to sew it, but I of course took the familiar and much slower way of crocheting everything. We barely made it in time, but I think it turned out okay:

Crochet baby zombie half-torso costume

I tried to make everything as anatomically correct as possible, but the organs still turned out bigger than what Dexter probably actually has. :) I think if I had more time, I would add a spine and more muscle strands to cover his tush since the only other organs back there are the kidneys. Here's a list of everything that got made:
  • Base layer (like a skirt) to tack everything on
  • Leggings to cover his feet
  • Large intestines
  • Small intestines with a bumpy, red backing to fill in the gaps
  • Stomach (didn't have time to make a liver)
  • Kidneys
  • Muscles (aka red, ragged filler)
  • Veins and arteries
Crochet baby zombie half-torso costume - before assembly

We ended up not using the leggings since I found a red footed onesie that looked much better. Dexter also wore a long-sleeve button-down shirt to cover the top of the costume. Everything was pretty custom so I didn't write down the "pattern," but if there's a ton of interest, I may consider it for next year. :)

Crochet Halloween costume for half-torso baby zombie

If you made a cool costume this year, email them my way because I'd love to show off your hard work. Hope you all have a great Halloween!

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