Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Crochet in the Media – Breaking Bad

Somehow we escaped the whole Breaking Bad mania. Back in 2011, I watched the first couple of episodes by myself, but it got a little too stressful for me. I don't deal well with suspense (or depressing downfalls). In fact, I had to leave the room during the family comedy Mrs. Doubtfire when the title character's secret was about to be found out. I've never finished the movie to this day. ^_^;;

Anyway, with all the media surrounding the season finale, K finally got around to watching Breaking Bad for the first time, and he's hooked. I only bring this up because I happened to be crossing the living room while he had it on, and I saw this:

Breaking Bad - crochet afghan blanket
It's another crochet afghan in a TV show!
Why is it that every living room in American entertainment seems to have a crochet blanket? I swear, I don't think I saw a single one growing up, but K says maybe it's because I grew up in warmer climates and that afghans over the backs of couches are commonplace in more northern states. I have to admit, even we have a cozy blanket on our loveseat (although it's fleece, not crocheted). :)

By the way, as an update from last time's post, Ben got a new job already! And surprise surprise, it's not in the video game industry. Though he was a designer for a while, Ben actually studied programming in college, so now he's a software developer at an engineering firm. Sara is thrilled to death because of the job security and the fact that he'll only be working 5 days a week, 8 am to 5 pm. :) Thanks for keeping them in your prayers; God absolutely listened and came through!

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