Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My First Mother's Day (Kinda)

There's some debate on about whether or not first-time-pregnant women should celebrate Mother's Day, or rather, expect to receive gifts/cards when their first little one has yet to be born. I don't really have an opinion, but I was pretty tired and didn't feel like cooking on Friday night, so "going out to dinner for Mother's Day" was as good of an excuse as any. And where did K choose to take me? The Macaroni Grill of course.

If you recall, Macaroni Grill provides you with lots of crayons and paper table coverings to doodle on, and K and his friends love to shock the staff with their imaginations. Here would be the lovely drawing he made for me:

zombie robot, zombie, zombot, zombot 2000, macaroni grill, crayon drawing, crayon drawings, mother's day
(click to enlarge)
In case you couldn't tell, that is the ZomBot 2000 (aka a zombie robot). And disappointingly, the waitress was completely professional and didn't bat an eye at K's painstaking creation. But the rest of K's family gave him appropriately horrified reactions when he showed them the final product (although I don't know why they would expect any different from him).

We're still not quite sure what kind of Mother's Day (or Father's Day for that matter) traditions we want to start from now on. In K's family, you always give the parent a card and gift. In my family, you make sure to call and mail a card. In our family... we don't celebrate Valentine's Day consistently but rather are pleasantly surprised if something happens. Even if I personally may think having all these holidays is an evil mastermind plot by Hallmark and American Greetings, I do see the value in having kids appreciate, celebrate, and do something for their parents. So yeah, we'll see. Maybe going to the Macaroni Grill and playing "whose drawing can get the biggest reaction out of our waiter" will become our new custom. :)

Did you do anything special for Mother's Day, whether for your mom or for yourself as a mom?


Echo M said...

This apparently is a dilemma among many first time expecting moms...I feel that from the moment you concieve you are a mother, and should be celebrated. You are the one going through morning sickness, and food aversions, cravings, and dietary restrictions (I sure do miss Sushi, and rare steaks. You are the one who feels little ones karate moves, and hiccups. You are the one who will be bloated, and gaining weight at an uncomfortable rate. Your body and emotions are going through significant changes that you wouldn't go through as a "non-mother" If you are "trying" but arent yet, then I'd have to say you are not yet a mother, but from the moment you have a little person growing inside, you are a mom!

Unknown said...

Mother's Day is a day for me to do whatever I want to do. That usually means I stay in bed and read and have coffee brought to me. Our daughter loves to celebrate anything so she has recently started making my husband make me breakfast in bed as well, which I heartily encourage. This year I had to drag myself out of bed and prepare for a minor inlaw invasion or my day would have involved a lot more Skyrim and a lot less cooking this time. Oh, and having to put on a bra before lunchtime is also not part of my usual Mother's Day tradition! There is always next year.

A Gamer's Wife said...

@Echo M - Haha, I love how you summarized all the wonderful perks of being pregnant. Apparently my mom-in-law agrees with you because she surprised me with a cute pair of earrings for Mother's Day. So sweet!

@Not Jenny - I wholeheartedly love your idea! I would much rather have K love me with the gift of service (aka a free day off) than a physical present. Will starting hinting for next year... ;)

geekturtle said...

Well I´m from Mexico, and mother´s day is kinda of a BIG deal here, I mean BIG.
Well, must of the people take their mothers out for lunch, buy the stuff (usually irons, and kitchen thingis) or if they go to their mother´s home, the mother cooks for everybody and then clean everything (sorry this is still a macholike culture)
So, I do not celebrate mothers day, my kids are basically forced to do at least a card in school, so the cards are personal jokes that make the teachers complaint what kind of mother I am.
well, I rather keep a good relation with them all the time instead of once a year.
Every family has different traditions, maybe yours can be "lets play games and order pizza" day, or "I´m gonna wake up at 1500 hours" day
in any case, congratulations!
I hope you had a great day!

A Gamer's Wife said...

@GeekTurtle - You're right about every culture placing different importance on each holiday, but I like your idea of each family making their own traditions and special twist on the celebrations. ;)