Friday, May 11, 2012

Re: Nighttime Noises

Ok, K gave me permission to upload the video related to my previous post, so here's what woke me up in the middle of the night...

That would be K's hand you can vaguely see in the dark. Also, the volume's super low, so you may have to turn up your speakers. Haha, I know this is basically a video of nothing, but it cracks me up every time I replay it.

Since this is probably a huge inside joke that only I find amusing, here is something funnier that I discovered recently: I think I love a Derp. It's a series of comics about everyday life between a girl and her PC gamer boyfriend who is addicted to League of Legends. This girl is just. like. me. O_O Well, more like an extreme, younger, not-married version of me. And K certainly isn't as taciturn as her boyfriend. But take a look at these similarities:
  1. I have to beg my guy to stop gaming and come to bed (and I make huge silly smiles)
  2. K calls me his "pet human kitty" because of my overly affectionate ways
  3. He also calls me a magpie because I like to eat/wear/take things that belong to him
  4. I always like to dress up for church/dates, even when K doesn't
Anyway, you can be sure I'll be following this Tumblr account in the future. Have a happy Friday!

Stop Playing League of Legends webcomic funny cute gamer girlfriend gamer's girlfriend geek geeky
(Only imagine that I'm making K watch anime instead ^_~)

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