Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gender Reveal Cards and Cupcakes!

When K and I found out we were pregnant, we didn't really do anything special. We didn't wait till the 3-month mark or even the first doctor's appointment; we just immediately called family and told them the good news. Plain and simple. So when I recently passed the halfway point in the pregnancy and found out the gender of our little dragon baby, I wanted to go all out with the presentation factor. Maybe not go as far to plan a gender reveal party (like this crazy awesome shindig I found), but at least make use of my craftiness to make this moment a little more special.

If you look online for gender reveal ideas, one of the most common suggestions involves creating a cake colored in blue or pink. So for our Bible study, I went the easiest route and made a simple white cake from a box, stained with maybe 5-7 drops of food coloring. To avoid having to cut and serve for a large crowd, I baked the batter into cupcakes covered with butter cream frosting to hide the color. And as you can see, we're having a....

That's a blue (not green) cupcake if you can't tell. :)
Unfortunately, moist frosting-covered cupcakes are not easily transportable, so for our out-of-town family, I chose to make announcement cards with a little twist. On the outside, I printed an ordinary baby-themed image on card stock:

For the inside, I crocheted a little blue heart (from this Crochet Heart Garland pattern) and sewed it on with some white thread to the back. Ta da! Hopefully, our relatives found the little surprise worth the wait. :)

Next up: I'll reveal the 3rd and most complex gender reveal "craft" I made. :)

What kind of interesting, crafty gender reveal ideas have you heard of?


Unknown said...

When I was pregnant (8, 6, and 4 years ago) Ultrasound techs weren't allowed to disclose gender at prenatal appointments so my family had to make do with a phone call when my babes were born. I loved that my midwives let me be the first to see what we had so I was the one to discover the genders of my own children and I will always cherish those memories.

A Gamer's Wife said...

Haha, I'm too much of a control freak to wait 9 months instead of 20 weeks to find out the gender. I'm glad ultrasound techs nowadays are allowed to give a little preview of what's to come. :)

Unknown said...

I am not actually sure if they are allowed at my hospital yet-- (something about not telling at 20 weeks so you can selectively terminate)

I do know that there are a few fancy private clinics where you can pay to find out now and it has become very popular. I didn't really care. I knew I was getting one or the other either way. (I am in Canada where basic prenatal care is free--the 3D ultrasounds cost extra)

The hardest decision for us was naming our babes.

Funny enough, for the first two, my husband somehow knew what we were having. It was a good thing he was right the second time since we didn't really settle on a boy's name! The third time was a true surprise and even though we had names picked out I felt the name we chose didn't fit so I changed it on the spot. My husband knew better than to argue with me--I had just given birth to a 9+ pound baby in our bedroom with no drugs!

A Gamer's Wife said...

We're having so much trouble with the name choosing game too! K is too picky in my opinion. But that's ok, we've got plenty of time before the due date. Wish us luck!

Unknown said...

Good Luck!
I actually blogged about all of the rules that seemed to evolve in our house from having to name three babies. We had a much harder time with girl names than boy names for some reason.

Congrats on having a boy, by the way!! Boys are quite wonderful, if not a bit stinky, to have around!

A Gamer's Wife said...

Lol, I love your list of rules! Many of them are similar to what K had in mind as well. I think you're right about the girls vs. boys names as well... K has a ton of boy name ideas but when I suggested any girl names (before we found out the gender), he always shot them down!