Monday, March 5, 2012

A "Special" Valentine's Day Surprise

I was going to talk about the 3 different gender reveal crafts that I made this past week, but since some of my family members haven't received them in the mail yet, you'll just have to hold your breath till Thursday. :) Instead, I'm writing a belated post about our Valentine's Day. If you recall from last year, K and I aren't regular celebrators of the day of love and at the most, will try to have a nice sit-down meal at a restaurant. However, given our tight budget right now, I didn't really plan to do anything except sit around at home and watch TV. Never fear; it's K the Cupid to the rescue!

A man after my own heart #^___^#
Unbeknownst to me, K had slipped out to Papa Murphy's and gotten a heart-shaped pizza to bake at home. He also stopped by Target to grab:
  • Some non-red roses (yay, my favorite!)
  • A card that reads "I'm still not sick of you" (aww)
  • A bag of chips (I'll take salty snacks over sweets any day!)
Many of you have been asking to see some of K's artwork since he used to be a video game artist, and I'm pleased to present a sample of it that was found inside the card...

Yes, most of his doodles are this bizarre; he and his friends used to try to horrify waiters at Macaroni Grill...
Least you think I'm offended at the strange offerings presented by my husband, I consider this one of the best V-Day's (certainly memorable) to date. What can I say, we were made for each other! K needed a girl who could "get" his sense of humor, and I love to laugh. :)

Did you do anything special (or simple) for Valentine's Day?

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