Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spending the Perfect Evening Together

When people ask me what my hobbies are, generic things like reading, blogging, and hanging out with friends usually spring to mind. But if I really admit how I'd like to spend my ideal weeknight... that would be working on my latest crochet project while watching K play video games. I'm totally serious. I will oftentimes beg K to get his console controller out rather than watch a movie because spending that sweet shoulder-to-shoulder time to the tunes of bullets ringing and zombies growling is absolute bliss.

How in the world did I become like this?
  • I enjoy recharging at the end of the day by simply being with K.
  • I like being productive with my hands, but want something on in the background.
  • Watching K play games doesn't require my full attention.
  • K tends to reveal behind-the-scenes industry tidbits if I'm around. ^_^

I know other wives who love to do this too, especially if their husbands' game has an in-depth story and amazing cut scenes (ex: Final Fantasy series, Grand Theft Auto IV). Laura and Lance kept their long-distance relationship alive for over 2 years by getting on WoW and Skype every night. And Sara helps Ben out as his in-game navigator, scouring the strategy guide as he plays to point out any secret rooms or important characters to meet.

In related news, K pointed me to a new blog called The Gamer's Girl which vows to "bring the Gamer and their Girls closer together." Her latest article tells the sweet story of her relationship's first gaming experience, so go check it out.


Zeri said...

I totally agree. I'm a GG (gamer's girl) and I sometimes ask my bf to play something interesting that I would just watch him play. I don't crochet but I sometimes just browse on my macbook to do some FB-ing or checking my mails. I cheer him on if he gets a good kill, gets an item that he's been searching for, or achieves a trophy on ps3. Anyway, I like reading your blog. Interesting. My bf even reads it. :)

A Gamer's Wife said...

AWWW! Glad you like the blog. Yeah, I totally cheer for K getting a good kill, like watching the Broncos make an awesome touchdown. ^_~