Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Typical Month of Gaming Expenses

Gaming budgets can vary widely from person to person, and I would say that K's is firmly placed on the high end. In fact, I just found out yesterday that he views Tuesday (the traditional game release day) as his weekly shopping trip to Best Buy or GameStop. O_O Now, to K's defense, I will gladly offer proof that he has come a looong way from his former bachelor lifestyle toward my frugal family budget. However, here's a glimpse at our Entertainment expenses for June and July:

TitleDescriptionReasons for Buying# of Times Played*
King of Fighters XIIFighting gameNostalgia. Completely hand drawn 2D frames.2
Persona 4High school murder mystery RPGPS2 title with a very strong cult following.1
Deadly CreaturesAction game from an insect's point of viewVery innovative game. Had a gift certificate.2
Uncharted: Drake's FortuneAction-adventure like Tomb RaiderLaunch title for PS3. Admits he should've kept waiting for the price drop.0
Raiden Fighters AcesBullet hell shooterNostalgia again. Spent hours at the arcade with his childhood best friend.1
Blazblue: Calamity TriggerFighting gameSpiritual sequel of the beautiful Guilty Gear series.4
* Technically, the number of times I've seen him play the game. Actual values are slightly higher.

Plus, don't forget the 2 DVDs and 3 Blue-ray movies. Suffice to say, in light of the collected evidence, K has now committed to only buying 1.5 games per week and only getting movies that we know we'll watch again. Plus, he promises to get on eBay and sell some of his toys and games that are currently gathering dust in our guest room. Wow, two birds with one stone! I'm so lucky to have an incredible husband who is actually willing to change (without too much beating ^_~).

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