Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Creative Use of Fondant

Yes yes, I know there's been an overload of Mario material (with more to come), but continuing on with the theme of the nursery, my friend the amateur cake-maker created an adorable Mario cake for Sara's baby shower. Luckily Sara is a non-lover of chocolate (like me!), so we got to eat a delicious vanilla cake with strawberry jam filling.

Afterwards we played some unusual baby shower games, including a Mario trivia contest by moi. Weirdest question: in his childhood, Miyamoto (the father of the Mario series) visited a certain city that later became the basis for the Mushroom Kingdom because of its "building-sized mushrooms and lax turtle lease laws." What was that city? Answer: Detroit, USA. O_O

Anyway, for some professional-grade eye candy, check out these super awesome wedding cakes here, here, and here.

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thegamerswife said...

The mario cake is so adorable! And those wedding cakes too - that one in particular is gorgeous!!

When we were originally planning our wedding (before we decided to just do it in Vegas) we thought of doing a gamer cake as a groom's cake. Now I might have to use those plans for a birthday cake in the future! Ha! :)