Monday, May 18, 2009


Cosplay is a Japanese phenomenon where people dress up in costumes representing their favorite video game, movie, or anime characters. Usually an art for the obsessed, you tend to hear horror stories about hairy large men trying to squeeze into Sailor Moon dresses. Plus, most animated characters have gravity-defying hair styles and wardrobes that look ridiculous in real life. However, I will give due credit: some people really have the incredible sewing skills (and appearances) to elicit gasps of wonderment, rather than agony. Here's a nice collection of video game cosplay at its best and worst (note: females in video games tend to wear skimpy outfits, so probably NSFW).

The original, the impressive, the "better luck next time"

Side note: as an example of higher quality showmanship, Alodia is a popular cosplayer that I randomly found on deviantART. Enjoy!

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