Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Command and Completely Conquer

K and I have very different attitudes when it comes to finishing games. If you recall the quantity of games he buys, K goes for the breadth over depth of experience. History has shown that no matter how hard he tries, his attention tends to drift once he hits the 10-hour mark with a title. He's always saying things like, "Oooh, I need to go back and finish Final Fantasy X" or some other game that's been out for 2-3 years. In fact one week, I saw him start three different games in a row: Dead Space ("I love horror games, babe"), Mass Effect ("it's for work, babe"), and Fallout 3 ("my friend worked on it so I had to get the collector's edition and guide book, babe").

"A game a day keeps the doctor away."

My plan of action is more like serial monogamy. I zealously obsess over that one game until it has been completely conquered and brought to submission. Wait, that didn't sound quite right. What I mean is that I gobble books down much in the same way: hands glued to the cover until the very last page. Sure, I don't see as many cool games that way, but with K's vast library of "I've played that before" research, I simply ask him for recommendations. K says I'm a min-maxer, which I unabashedly concur. Why waste my time playing a mediocre product when I can just glean from K's trial-and-error? Hehe...

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