Monday, October 27, 2008

It's all Geek to Me

K feels that I should reveal to you a key reason why I'm so ok with his video game habit, that I'm secretly a geek at heart. Sigh... I really don't see myself as part of the nerd crowd, but like most people under this label, I am apparently oblivious.

So what if I excelled in science and math growing up? Who cares that my immediate family is made up of engineers and physicists? And yeah, I'll admit that I attended one of those schools that ended with "Institute of Technology." I guess the thing that blackens my reputation the most is the fact that I... I watch anime. I swear, it's not as bad as it used to be! I no longer comb Bittorrent with the best of them, check out the latest releases each season, or spend entire weekends gulping down an "I can't believe that just happened!" series. And it was my ex-boyfriend's idea to go to those anime conventions, not mine... (There, K, I admitted it.)

How did it all start? Well, I had seen the occasional Thanksgiving Sailor Moon special as a kid and was immediately taken by the beautiful art form. (Even to this day, I can't watch anime unless the drawing style is astheticaly pleasing.) But the real addiction didn't start till college freshman year. I met my anime mentor, who opened my eyes to the world of fan subbing, MiRC, and anime that comes in as many genres as movies and books. Honestly though, other hobbies have cropped up and new loves (like K and video games) have appeared. Nevertheless, when K hosts his weekly "Guys' Night In," I still steal away to watch the latest Bleach and Naruto episodes with a couple of friends. ^_^;;

Silly but pretty anime vs. must-see anime with drawing style repels me

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