Friday, June 13, 2008

My Gaming Background

Thus far, I've mostly talked about my husband and his work as a designer, but not really about my background and what I think about his gaming lifestyle. Usually, gamers' wives are split into 2 polar-opposite categories. The first type (and the overwhelming majority) believes that playing video games is an immature waste of time that sucks the life out of grown men. There are even chapters dedicated to husbands seeking to avoid wifely wrath for dipping into their favorite pastime. The other, much rarer breed of wives proudly declares, "I'm a complete gaming geek myself and we LARP/play WoW/attend conventions together."

As for me, I guess you could say... I'm a recent convert and somewhere in the middle. I think the only computer game I played growing up was King's Quest, but the older I got, the more it morphed into my younger brother doing all the crazy button-punching while I struggled to focus on the rapidly moving enemies. It wasn't until I was dating K that he one day surprised me with a Nintendo DS. "I just wanted to, ah, foster your interest in what I do," he innocently claimed. Since then, I've gone through about 15 games, hungrily conquering them one-by-one like a dying man on a mission.

Least you think my hands have permanently assumed a claw-like grip from being glued to my portable, my interests can be quite cyclical. Sometimes I get obsessed with reading and visit the library every other day. Sometimes it's cross-stitching, flatwater kayaking, or blogging (like now). I'm a woman of many pastimes and expert at none, but I know K is quite pleased with himself for adding video games to the list. ^_^

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