Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Early Attempts

Before I got hooked on my first portable, K initially tried a couple of console games to garner my attention. There are several basic guides out there on how to get your girlfriend to play video games, and they usually suggest starting off with games that have the following features:
  • brightly colored, for all ages
  • easy to learn, not too fast-paced
  • multiplayer (cooperative)
  • allow you to design your own character
So let's see how K did with his initial suggestions:
Game TitleColorfulEasy to LearnCo-opResult
Serious Sam (PC)yesyes, shoot everything that movesyesExplosively fun, but annoying to set up 2 computers every time.
Lego Star Wars (XBox 360)yesyes, destroy everything made of Legoskinda yesK's jumping/item gathering/killing skills are far superior, so I felt like the clumsy sidekick.
Okami (PS2)yes, a painter's dreamlandno, my poor analog stick coordination prevented me from drawing even a simple circlenoSingle player only means K gets to watch me get frustrated and freak out when enemies arrive.

Alas, it was too early for me to tackle multiplayer games. I first needed that sense of immediate accomplishment that could only be gained with baby step games like Brain Age and Phoenix Wright. I have finally reached a place where K and I can spend a quality evening at home together, gleefully slaying giant desert dragons and relieving them of various body parts. More on that later.

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