Saturday, December 15, 2018

What is the Best First Pet for Kids?

What’s a best first pet for young children? My best friend has three kids all under age 6 and asked me for advice since I’ve kept dogs and cats, parakeets, hamsters, goldfish, hermit crabs, and many “kid-friendly” animals. Watch the video above for my reasons, but personally I would go with a dog or cat since they are so personable and are big enough to for children to hug. However, if you prefer a much smaller pet, a betta fish is a colorful, interactive pet that a 6-year-old could help take care of.

The Cost of Owning a Betta Fish

If you buy everything brand new, probably $100 is the lowest you can go. Shocking, right? (Of course, if you know what you're doing, you can always buy used or second-hand equipment from Craigslist or a fish club auction.) Here’s my shopping list with the most cost-effective options I would use, but let me know in the comments if I’m missing something!

As for ease of care, I just feed my betta fish once a day, but they can easily go longer without food so no need to hire a pet sitter if you’re out for vacation for a week or so. For water changes, you can use the siphon to quickly suck out dirty water. Easy peasy – no more picking up and emptying out the entire aquarium just to clean it... only takes me like 15 minutes a week!

Question of the Day

What pet would you recommend for young kids? Comment below to share your thoughts because I’d love to hear them. Also, merry Christmas and happy New Year! This is my last post for 2018 since I like to take a little break from blogging during major U.S. holidays so I can spend more time with my family (and regain my sanity). Take time to enjoy your aquariums and I’ll see you back on January 5th, 2019!

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