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How to Pick the Best Dog for a Cat Lover

Despite being a huge lover of all animals since childhood, I never got a dog until I got married. Why? Well, dogs are a huge time commitment, they smell funny, they destroy things, and they're not as cute as cats (haha don't kill me). So keep reading to find out how my husband convinced me, a cat lover, to get our first dog.

Ever since childhood, I've kept a wide assortment of small pets like parakeets, hamsters, and finally my biggest pet, a cat, during my senior year of high school after endlessly pestering my dad. Fast-forward to being married with no kids, I got my second cat after endlessly pestering my husband, Mr. Gamer, who is actually semi-allergic to cats and definitely a dog person.

Little boy and puppy at PetSmart National Adoption Weekend

One day, we went to PetSmart to pick up some kitty treats, and they happened to be having a huge National Adoption Weekend with big tents outside that contained, like, a hundred dogs from all the surrounding rescue centers. So I told Mr. Gamer, “Ooo, let’s look at the doggies,” but what I really meant was, “Let’s look at them like we’re going to the zoo." You observe the animals and say aww, but at the end of the day, you don’t take the giraffe home.

After I had my fill of dog viewing, we proceeded inside and I beelined for the cat food aisle. Mr. Gamer instead lingered around the rescue dogs that were being held inside the store. Big mistake. In the back of one of the covered kennels was a quiet, medium-sized black dog, curled up in the corner and almost completely hidden in the shadows. (Ninja!) Soon Mr. Gamer was the one giving me the big, puppy eyes…

4 Considerations for Choosing a Cat-Like Dog

Now, when you’re trying to convince your cat-loving spouse to get a dog, you’ve got one shot. If that first dog isn’t amazing, you can be sure there ain’t gonna be another dog for a looong time. So here’s the dog that Mr. Gamer chose:

A) Medium-Sized Dog

What he really wanted was a large dog but he knew I was only used to nano-sized pets, so we compromised with a medium-sized one. Sorry, I’m not used to dogs, especially those that are strong enough to drag me down the street if they see a squirrel.

brown dog chasing black squirrel through grass lawn

B) Super Submissive

Appearances aside, the primary reason our dog got to stay is because she’s super submissive and trainable. She doesn’t jump on me or lick me (ew) and is very compliant. You tell her something once, like “Trash is not for eating,” and she never does it again. Plus, I was able to train this 4-year-old mutt to walk on a leash without pulling, and now she’s the perfect companion for my morning runs.

dog licking black man
No licking for me, please

C) Affectionate but Not Clingy

I also like that she’s a little aloof like a cat. Like, she would love to be petted all day long, but if I tell her, “All done,” she immediately leaves me alone and goes to bed. And another nice thing is we’ve never had separation anxiety issues when we leave the house.

D) Low Energy and Not Destructive

I think the most important thing is that we chose a low energy dog that fits our low key lifestyle. I mean, her favorite pastime is sunbathing next to the window. And for some reason, she doesn’t like to play with balls or doggy toys, but also that means she’s totally non-destructive. No half-eaten sandals, no chewed up stuffed animals, nothing. Yeah, I can completely trust her with full reign of the house when we’re out and about.

dog won't play with ball and won't play fetch
No interest in playing fetch

Bonus: Silent

Oh, and did I mention she’s completely silent? I’ve literally only heard her bark twice, and that was when she was dreaming. Doesn’t make for the best guard dog, but hey, that’s what the security system is for.

So if you’re looking for a good first-time dog for your cat-loving significant other, don’t necessarily go for the cutest or most feline-looking dog. Our dog is an unassuming, older black dog of unknown lineage, and it’s her low energy, low maintenance personality that completely won me over. While I still really love cats, she's really opened my eyes to what is possible in the dog world!

Question of the Day

What kind of dog do you think a cat lover should get? Comment below to share your ideas because I’d love to hear them. Good luck with your pets, and I’ll see you next week for more aquarium action!

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