Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Season, New Hobbies

I've always been a collector of new hobbies. I think it's because my parents were immigrants and they were fascinated by this American idea of "extracurricular activities." In their country, getting good grades was everything, so their days consisted of going to school, attending after-school classes for more tutoring, and then returning home to eat dinner and do homework. They never got to do anything! So once I was born in the United States, they signed me up for every type of class imaginable. One year of ballet and tap dancing, one year of gymnastics, summer camps for art and science, team sports like soccer, music lessons like piano, public speaking and second language classes on weekends, etc. Because of my parents' enthusiasm for making sure I was well-rounded, I developed a lifelong love for trying new things.

As a child, I collected stamps, did cross stitching, and owned a parakeet. In high school, I listened to musicals, competed in science fair, and joined the Girl Scouts (yes, at age 17). In college, I played the clarinet in the marching band, competed on the kayaking team, and went on a mission trip to Jamaica. I was so excited by new experiences that I even made this list called "When I Grow Up" that detailed all the things I wanted to try once I graduated and got a job.

All this is to say that I rarely stick with the same hobby for very long. Even my permanent love for reading books continually waxes and wanes over the years. And I rarely (gasp!) crochet or knit anymore except when I have a mission (aka I'm bound and determined to finish those stupid Christmas stockings even if it kills me). My current hobbies are:

Bouquet of daisies, daisy, flower bouquet, flowers
FMS photo-a-day challenge (I'm very active on Instagram)

Glofish tetras from Petsmart pet store
Aquariums and fishkeeping (it all started with one betta...)

Pink fucshia running shoes and plum Fitbit Charge HR fitness watch
Running (which I hate but I'm supporting my friend with her first 5K race)

Anyway, I hope you stick with me as I embark on these new adventures. My husband K and I are still geeky as ever, so I'll also continue sharing about our love of video games, musings on sci-fi entertainment, and the progress of our two geeks-in-training (aka kids).

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