Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Endless Baby Prep Work

As of this week, little Dexter is officially full-term, which is scary given the amount of baby to-do's we still have left. The one thing we have accomplished is set up our oh-so-awesome automatic feeder for Chairman Meow so that she won't starve while we're at the hospital. (Clearly, this thing was designed by some seriously bored engineers with a passion for cats and koi fish.) K even hand-crafted a wood stand for it with a fancy edging and multiple layers of stain. Not sure why he went through all the effort when it's just going to be hidden next to our washing machine, but kudos to him!

Took a little while to calibrate the machine to spit out exactly 30-40 pellets each time

As for our other DIY baby projects, the nursery is... mostly not an extra storage room anymore, but the good news is that K's parents are coming this weekend to help put together the crib and dresser. I also plan on making 2-4 weeks worth of freezer meals based on recipe books from the library. And finally, yes it is true... I have actually begun finishing homemade crafts for my own kiddo. The Link outfit is still in the works (why is the elf hat taking me so long??), but in the meanwhile, I just whipped up a quick set of baby mittens and hat.

candy corn striped baby hat and mittens set
K chose the colors... doesn't it remind you a little of candy corn?

What else do you think I should make for Dexter in my last remaining days of freedom?


geekturtle said...

when the baby is born, must of the people will care about him, leaving you a little "unatended", make a bag with things you like to have near you at the time the baby is sleeping (or being carried around by someone), like books, or music, or you crochet things, it helps a lot to feel like "you are doing something" istead of just lying around
(well I have to be doing somethig, as I am hyperactive)
The best of luck for you

Unknown said...

I think you should do something for YOURSELF in your last remaining days of freedom. Pack your hospital bag. Get a pregancy massage. Get a pedicure. Sit in a comfy chair and drink some iced red-rasperry leaf tea while you play video games or read a book that has nothing to do with babies or birthing them. Gor for some long walks.

A Gamer's Wife said...

@Geekturtle - Good idea! I'm totally type A and get bored easily if my hands aren't constantly doing something. I have one of those reusable grocery bags that I load up with my current yarn craft, but I should totally add a book, my PSP and my phone.

@Not Jenny - You are so sweet! I totally cracked a smile when I read your message this weekend. You're right; everything I'm doing and reading right now is all about babies. That pregnancy message idea sounds divine...