Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Story of Miffy's Two Heads

Remember how I promised that I would complete that knitted Miffy the bunny pattern? So about that... yeah. I fully did intend to finish her, but right about the time when I got done with the second ear, my discontentment with the quality of product had greatly increased. The face was lumpy, the two ears were of uneven height and looked like a pair of feminine hygiene products, and Jessica's mention of the crocheted version of Miffy was too tempting to pass up. Let me show you what I mean:

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You tell me: did I make the right choice to switch to crochet?
The thing with using crochet is that I'm intimately familiar with how screwed up my normal gauge is compared with typical patterns (my stitches always come up short in height), so I was able to adjust by adding a couple of extra rows here and there as needed until it "looked right." Plus, I frequently consulted several reference pictures and pretty much tweaked every single body part until I came up with the perfect Miffy (it's all about nailing the proportions).

I'll make a post with a full list of my alternations sometime later, but after the previous day I had, I'm going to make myself go to bed earlier. Caught some kind of virulent stomach bug going around the local elementary school, and the on-call OB/GYN convinced me to go to Labor & Delivery at 9 pm at night just in case I was mistaking pre-labor uterus cramps for stomach cramps (this being my first pregnancy and all). Nope, I was right; definitely had a stomach bug, plus a low-grade fever. At least I got a nice G.I. (gastrointestinal) cocktail out of the whole trip with no co-pay. I have determined that I am a terrible patient with no tolerance for discomfort, so you can probably guess what my birth plan entails. Anyway, wish me luck; I'm in the last trimester so little Dexter will be here before we know it!


Jessica said...

Loads of congratulations for little Dexter - I've not been reading your blog that long which is why it's taken me till now to say that.

Yes the crocheted Miffy looks about 300 times better than your knitted one, can't wait to see it finished up (and would love to get your pattern alterations too!).

I've just tried knitting again this week for what must be the first time in 15 years... the tiny heart I made worked out in the end but took about 5 times longer than if I had tried to crochet the same thing. With a bit more practice and paitence I could probably knit something average - but it's hard to commit the time to when you already 'think' in crochet.

A Gamer's Wife said...

Thanks so much for the suggestion in the first place, Jessica!

Haha good to know I'm not the only crocheter struggling to make knitting look good. I try to alternate back and forth between the two crafts, but crochet is still my go-to for faster projects that have a higher success rate. ^_~