Monday, April 2, 2012

Top 3 Quirky Pregnancy Announcements

Back when we were trying to think of creative ways to announce our pregnancy, I tried to look online for geeky ways to do it, but there was hardly anything out there! However, among the search results were a few examples that caught my attention. Maybe we'll think of something even cooler to do for the birth announcement. :)

Geekiest Announcement: Star Wars Baby
Several people of done similar variations on the Star Wars theme, but this method of announcement might be a little too nerdy even for us. ^_~

Funniest Announcement: Raisin' Baby
Back when we just got married, K used to kid that he didn't know if our first child should be a "raisin' baby" or an "eatin' baby." This image totally brought us to our knees in laughter.

Craftiest Announcement: Puzzling Baby
Out of the three, this is my absolute favorite baby announcement! I would've loved to do something like this for our family. Maybe for the next kiddo. :)

P.S. A reader named Mollie had posted this awesome geeky baby announcement on my comments, but I wasn't able to download it in time. If she sees this post and gets back to me, I'll be sure to write about it!


Sammy said...

Hmm I think the star wars one was just a little on the cheesy side, even for me. I did like the creativeness of the puzzle baby one though. Although i'd be a little concerned if the little one came out looking too much like that. x

A Gamer's Wife said...

I agree; the Star Wars one wasn't my favorite. The procreating geeks of the world can do better!