Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gabriel Has A Tiny Head

In the past (mostly due to the sheer volume of games he bought), K only finished a small percentage of the titles in his collection. However, one side effect of our current, downsized budget is that he's actually reaching the end of several games – ones that have long been sitting in his "to-play" pile. His latest conquest was Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and wow, what gorgeous eye candy it is! The Gothic architecture, moody atmosphere, and even the grotesque monsters are just stunning to behold. The only thing that's a little strange-looking to me is the main character himself, Gabriel Belmont...

I know Gabriel is supposed to be huge, but doesn't his head look abnormally miniscule?!
For the most part, it's an action-adventure game with a cool plot that reminds me of God of War with its "I'm swinging a chain whip around while being surrounded by enemies." For titles like these, I usually spend a lot of shoulder-to-shoulder time with K, knitting during the levels and looking up during the beautiful cut scenes. However, with this latest edition to the Castlevania series, I actually got to contribute!

While K may have the eye-hand coordination and reflexes to pull off the toughest platformers (like classic Ninja Gaiden and Super Meat Boy), boy, does he get frustrated with logic puzzles. I'm not talking about the ones in Legend of Zelda where you have to move various rocks into certain positions in order to reveal the magic key (which Castlevania: LoS also has), but rather, the kinds of brain-teasers found in the Professor Layton series. And that's exactly the genre I'm good at. So anytime K reached a puzzle that ended in him pulling out hair tufts, he'd pass over the controller to me and watch the master work her magic.

Booyah! Who loves being a show-off? ^_~
Anyway, congrats to K for reaching the end of Lords of Shadow! In fact, he liked it so much that he's playing through it again with his friend Alan. So once again, I get to flex my mental muscles and play the princess in shining armor. :)

P.S. For all my skills, I still can't puzzle out why Gabriel's noggin is so tiny...


TeineSidhe said...

Thank you for this! I've been watching my boyfriend play this game for a couple weeks now, and it just drives me crazy to look at. I finally decided I needed to know why, and did a google search. You know what comes up? Nothing. Either no one else notices, or no one has said anything. And right when I was starting to go a little crazy, I found your article. His head really IS too small; it's not just me. Thank you for the validation, lol.

A Gamer's Wife said...

AHAHAHA! TeineSidhe, your comment totally made my day. K wants me to point out that technically Gabriel's head is normal sized (compared to other characters in the game), but the rest of his body is ginormous. :P