Thursday, October 6, 2011

Swearing Off Anime Cons

As I mentioned before, my anime addiciton started in college, and it was then that my first boyfriend persuaded me to go to my first anime convention. My eyes were opened to the world of crazy costumes, packed panels, and amazing anime music videos (AMVs). However, after about three of them, they were all pretty much the same and I never really bought a ton of swag, so I swore to never attend another one after college.

Fast forward to my new anime group in my new locale, all of whom are older than me. They had actually started watching anime the previous year because of a DVD series purchased at a nearby anime con, so going back was a big deal. And I have to admit, I had a lot of fun. We're currently watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, so I made sure to snap up some pics of cosplayers from the series.

Btw, I saw a sweet and romantic AMV called Ouran High School, featuring one of my fav series and one of my fav songs. Ah, swoon...

Do you think anime cons are "just for kids"?


thebravebee said...

I think anime cons are for everyone BUT kids! lol The first time I went to a convention, I was about 15. I didn't go to another one until late high school (maybe early college?) and I continue to go to them now.

But...the scene of a convention is so...just not for kids. The first time I went to one was with a best friend, and we didn't really know what to do. Nowadays, we can drive and move around freely and not be afraid that we're getting ourselves lost.

We also have more money. And I do like to pick up a few things at a convention. And the dealers room and artist alley are like the big cherry on the cake.

Not only that, but...I look around at some of the costumes that people wear and sometimes my eyes burn out of my head. Some of them aren't very kid friendly.

My little sister keeps begging me to take her to one, and I always tell her "Not till you're fifteen."

A Gamer's Wife said...

Haha, you're totally right! I should have specified "kids" as "young adults around high school and college age." Yeah, I think any time you have an event that encourages costumes, a certain percentage always feel the need to bear more skin than they should...

Lilly said...

No way!! Not for kids!!! I see WAY more people of my age attending year after year. I love going because it's great. But I agree with thebravebee, sometimes it really isn't a .. family setting... Girls in lack of clothing, guys too.. but all to play a character! But yea my first time going was when I was 21 actually. And I will continue going yearly, and have recently added Comic Con to the list (definitley an older crowd than anime conventions)

Anyways I don't think i'll ever stop, espcially since my love of my life is totally into it too!

Lilly said...

oh and I LOVE ouran HS host club.. if you're into japanese dramas, they are 10 + episodes in to the live action of the anime series and it's just so funny.. they really try to make it just like the anime.

A Gamer's Wife said...

Lilly, that's so awesome that you and your significant other can go to cons together! K isn't into anime, but he does enjoy going to Comic-Con because it also covers video games and comics. Thanks for the recommendation on the live action Ouran HS Host Club, btw! I loooved the series and can't wait to check it out.