Monday, October 31, 2011

For the Love of Zombies II

Halloween is K's second favorite holiday after Christmas (I know, cardinal opposites), so after attending last year's zombie walk and seeing the level of expertise in people's costumes, he was inspired to go all out this year. Based on some Youtube tutorials, he was able to create a pretty gory look using fake fingernails as teeth, puffy paint as muscles and bone, and mortician's wax as flesh. If you want to see his final look, click here but just be aware it's fairly graphic, IMO.


Given the complexity of K's special effects makeup, I had to do my own face and ended up just rubbing green and purple eye shadow all over and hoping for the best. :) To make fake blood splatters on our thrift store costumes, we used a bottle of scarlet red acrylic calligraphy ink, which had a more realistic result than Rit dye or acrylic paint. I also tried my hand at creating fake blood but it didn't look quite right, so we ended up settling for the store-bought stuff. We definitely ran out of time in the end, so I've already started queuing up ideas for next year, like this awesome brain cap tutorial.

Corn syrup, corn starch, red food coloring, chocolate syrup, and cocoa =  fake blood
As for the actual zombie walk event, there was HUGE turnout this year, with tons of geeky costumes to delight in. See how many you can recognize:

What did you dress up for Halloween this year?


Anonymous said...

Wow, some creative costumes. I had no idea how much work went into them.

A Gamer's Wife said...

Yeah, it took K 5 hours to apply the makeup again for his company's Halloween costume contest. 3rd place, baby!