Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How Area 51 Saved Date Night

Date nights are supposed to be a fun and carefree time to enjoy each other's company... except when the wife (aka me) has an upset stomach and a cranky disposition. I was in an absolutely foul mood, and everything K said seemed to bring snippy little comments to mind. K's pretty good at reading me, so I was attempting to keep a smile on my face and the conversation light. After ordering our pizza, an awkward silence settled in. Suddenly, I spotted some old arcade machines behind K, and an idea popped into my head.

"Hey babe, wanna play some Area 51?"

Brilliant, right? What gamer guy doesn't want to play nostalgic arcade games with his wife? This was sure to lighten up the mood. To my surprise, K said, "Uhhh... why don't I watch you as you play?"

Whaaaa?? "Come on come on, it'll be fun," I said, dragging K along by the neck. And you know what? We did have fun! And I also found out my shooting skills have improved a lot since childhood. ^_~ Before we knew it, our food had arrived and our moods had lifted. But my curiosity was still piqued.

"So why didn't you want to play Area 51 with me before"? I asked, mouth half-full of pepperoni. I couldn't believe his answer.

"Well... it's a really badly made game."

Seriously?! My gamer husband is such a gamer snob! I guess that's what happens when you've played as many games as he has. Now I know though: if we're ever arguing on a date night, whip out the quarters and hope there's a cheesy old arcade machine around. ^_^

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Anonymous said...

Lol - this is so funny! My gamer husband and I also go on weekly date nights, during which we mostly go eat out at the pizza place (two pizza's for the price of one) and afterwards we always head to the arcade (I dunno if you still get those in the US, but in our country we still do), so reading this was really a deja-vu feeling for me.

A Gamer's Wife said...

@Anonymous - Haha, thanks! Yeah, we still have arcades in the US. They're making a comeback in some areas to appeal to the nostalgic crowd. :)