Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yarn Swift out of Tinkertoys

Yay, I finally got a KnitPicks ball winder for Christmas! I don't buy fancy yarn (aka non-Michaels/Jo-Ann yarn) very often, so I'm mainly using it for re-winding my Red Heart yarn skeins that fall apart near the end. Unfortunately, I just ordered three hanks of wool lace online and didn't want to fork out the $65 for a yarn swift I'd rarely use. Let's check Google for alternatives...

Most of the DIY yarn swift projects I saw required a large umbrella, computer chair, or making something from scratch. O_O Crap, I'm an electrical engineer, not mechanical! Luckily, I found the best Tinkertoys yarn swift ever! You can even use different lengths for the legs to ensure a tight fit for the hank.

Check out my beautiful center-pull ball of yarn! I'm so picking up my own $15 bucket of Tinkertoys next time (my nephews graciously lent me this set).

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Impera Magna said...

Love, LOVE, LOVE this idea! As an occasional knitter, I don't want a swift lying around but Tinkertoys? Yes... this can and will happen! Thanks for posting this great idea!