Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to Entertain First Graders

Super Scribblenauts has definitely solved many of the problems of the first game. Better controls, more words (including adjectives!), new hint system ... a much smoother experience in general. It's also easier than its prequel, which makes it a perfect video game to share with my 6-year-old nephew Obi. Having grown up with the LEGO Wii series, he loves any game where he can participate, and Super Scribblenauts is the perfect addiction for this budding reader.

Last time Obi visited, he promptly greeted me with a "Can we play Scribblenauts?" Unfortunately for him, I didn't have my DS charged, and he about burst into tears! O_O So instead, we played pen-and-paper Scribblenauts, where I made up the puzzle and drew all the actions. He had an absolute blast, and I was once again redeemed as his favorite aunt. ^_^;;

Pen-and-Paper Scribblenauts

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