Monday, November 29, 2010

For the Love of Zombies

Like many geeks, K has a special spot in his heart for the undead. He owns several zombie T-shirts, has seen and played virtually every movie and video game on the subject, and cajoled me into participating in the local zombie walk.

Amigurumi and video game zombies, oh my!

Personally, I'm creeped out by walking corpses, but K has a very infectious (pun unintended) personality and somehow convinced me and his entire family to watch the comic-turned-TV series, The Walking Dead. It's become a Sunday evening tradition, where we have popcorn for dinner while watching people get eaten. Yum!

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Carla said...

The Walking Dead series originated as a comic book that I would highly recommend. Also, has he played Plants vs. Zombies? One of our favorite zombie games!

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