Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fwd: An Engineer's Guide to Cats

I know this video has made the rounds already, but given that it combines two of my interests, engineering and cats, I just couldn't resist!

Plus, they just released a follow-up video to elaborate on the advanced techniques of cat yodeling:

I, alas, do not have any furry friends at this point since K claims that animal hair is the mortal enemy of gaming consoles and therefore cannot exist in the same realm without regular vacuuming. And given that I only remember to vacuum when I know guests will be staying in our home, guess I'm outta luck. (Sorry, no Roomba for me; don't want to be held responsible for abetting the robot revolution.)

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-little mad girl said...

aaahhhh! funny stuff! although i'm not an engineer, i'm a cat-lover, and i passed this on to all my engineer friends. this is awesome!