Monday, April 20, 2009

Indoctrinating the Next Generation of Geeks

It's funny how everyone seems to shift life phases around the same time. When K and I met, we weren't exactly part of the fresh-from-college crowd. However, in the year following our wedding, a huge swarm of 7-8 couples decided to follow in our footsteps, joining the ranks of happy matrimony. That worked out nicely because a lot of our single friends were now conveniently "couples" friends. Well, a few years have passed and now the next wave is already upon us: the baby phase. Remember Ben and Sara, the other gaming couple we hang out with? They're leading the pack as one of the first pregnancies to hit our Bible study group, so all the girls are a-buzz with talk of Lamaze classes, glass verses plastic bottles, and nursery decorations. Given the nature of their favorite pastime, Ben and Sara have decided to design the new baby's room with.... a Super Mario Bros. theme!

They're definitely not the first to come up with this idea, so check out some of the inspiration they've gotten from Australian Gamer and Rejoice and Be Glad.

If you're not a crazy-talented painter, I've also seen some restickable decals that can help you achieve a similar look. Wow, I wish I had found out earlier about their plans because there are sooo many neato Mario crafts out that would make great baby shower gifts! Hmm...

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thegamerswife said...

oh my gosh, that room is TOO cute! if I show that to the gamer, I'm sure he would INSIST on making a mario themed room for any future gamer-baby of ours!