Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Attack of the Brain Slug Plushes

I told you how I'm crazy for crocheting right now, and I completely blame it on my friend Lisa. She's the one who taught me my first double crochet stitch, and I've been madly dumping money into Michael's ever since. Well, she and her husband Luke happen to be crazy about Futurama. I mean, these kids actually made wedding name cards categorized by characters from the show. Since Lisa's always making things for my birthday, this year I thought I'd surprise her with a favorite little alien from Futurama...

Yeah yeah, I know it's the wrong shade of green, but I was sharing a ball of suede yarn (ooo!) with my other crafty friend, Viv. This plush toy is actually one of my first attempts at knitting, so don't laugh. ^_~ If you're interested in infecting one of your friends as well, check out this pattern from the Knitting Samurai.

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Heather said...

I bet your friend doesn't get 2 of those for her birthday! I'm impressed with your crocheting talent. I never could seem to master that craft.