Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Avoiding the Gaming Wardrobe

Despite having owned every console at some point in his life, plus actually working for the gaming industry, K does not look like a geek. His high school and college pictures may tell a different story, but his current visage just screams "rock band drummer" or "motorcycle gangster." (Imagine my mother's delight when she found out who I was marrying... ^_~) Having suffered through his awkward stage earlier in life, K now subconsciously monitors the level of geek clothing in his wardrobe, tastefully weeding out any sudden upsurges. Consequently, I have to resist buying him cute Mario or Pacman-related paraphernalia because it may cross his threshold. But guess what I found today on

Is this not completely awesome?? How could you not want this shirt? Gah, if they make this shirt, I'm totally going to buy it for myself (geekiness be darned).


thegamerswife said...

Ha! What a cute shirt! I too have to steer clear of the gaming related t-shirts (they have some good ones at Target!)

My gamer isn't too geeky either. I don't think you'd know he's a gamer by looking at him. Sometimes when we're out we'll see someone who CLEARLY is (you know the look) and we'll turn to each other and say.."Yep, GAMER" hahaha

Heather said...

DH will wear gaming shirts, but only around the house or when he's gaming with friends. He wore gaming clothes more often in college, but it was practically required at his college :)