Friday, February 20, 2009

Games I Never Finished (But Can Try Again!)

Back in college (am I dating myself?), I discovered a delightfully odd PC game called American McGee's Alice. Based on the world of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the premise is that Alice's parents are killed in a fire soon after the events in the book, and Alice grows up in a mental asylum. Years later, the White Rabbit calls her back to help the now dark and gothic Wonderland, which has changed under the cruel rule of the Queen of Hearts.

Now I've always been a sucker for fairy tales retold for adults, and this action game seemed to fit the niche. Unfortunately, I found myself increasingly confounded because of my inability to correctly aim when jumping or attacking. And thus, the game was put back on the shelf and long forgotten.

However, today K suddenly forwards me this article proclaiming that original creator American McGee (yes, that's really his name) will be teaming up with Electronic Arts again to make an Alice sequel. Yes, I'm getting my second chance at completion! No longer must I remain oppressed and intimidated whenever cool-looking, BA games are released. As K puts it, "Yep, now you're hardcore(er)." What a sweetie. ^_^

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-little mad girl said...

i never played the original game, but read a similar article about the sequel yesterday. i'm so excited about it, since i'm totally obsessed with alice in wonderland (i have the gryphon tattooed on my back)