Monday, February 23, 2009

Ever Want to be a Hero?

Hehe, this is me as my after hours alter ego. My super power would be... instant teleportation (including anybody or thing I'm touching).

Too bad you can't change the text behind it because I'd totally call it The Adventures of A Gamer's Wife!!! To make your own, check out this Hero Factory that Heather linked.

Out of the two of us, K is definitely the comic book fan. He used to fork out $200 every time he visited his hometown comic store (since he kept forgetting to cancel his subscription). But this particular addiction is of the past. Honestly, one becomes a little jaded when Marvel or DC Comics kills and then revives their favorite characters for the umpteenth time. "No really, this time he's actually dead!" Instead, K satisfies this particular itch by playing HeroClix.

Normally, the blanket statement would be that K and A do not partake in board games, cards, or any other type of table top entertainment. However, K has a big exception to this rule where once a week, he and his friends play with tiny superhero figures that can be pitted against one another in a version of free-for-all chess. Each figure has a dial glued to its feet that records its powers and health level. Each time the hero takes damage, you "click" its dial down so that it becomes weaker and eventually dies (aka is removed from the board). Unlike video games, I am immune to the table top bug, but I did manage to pilfer two figures from his collection to decorate my office and remind me of him.

The one on the right is actually the Loch Ness Monster from the HorrorClix series. So cute!


Heather said...

I am amazed that with all of the geek-dom I have been exposed to that I've never seen those figures or that game! I must never let hubby know of this game...

thegamerswife said...

I've never seen this game either! I am not even going to THINK about mentioning it to the gamer!!!! He's got enough games as it is already :-P