Saturday, August 3, 2019

New Axolotl Checklist – What Do I Need for My New Axolotl?

Are you getting a new axolotl, but aren’t sure what supplies you need? Check out my personal shopping list of everything I bought to make my axolotls happy and healthy in their new home!

Aquarium and Filtration

20-gallon long tank
Planted tank light
Aquaclear 50 filter
Prefilter intake sponge
Sponge filter
Airline tubing (for sponge filter)
Air pump (for sponge filter)


Fake plants
PetSmart driftwood decor

Cooling Materials

Reflective foil insulation
Small USB fan
USB adapter (for fan)
Command strips (for fan)
Power extension cord (for fan)
Digital thermometer with alarms

Other Supplies

Aquarium stand
Power strip
Water dechlorinator
Axolotl pellets
Aquarium water test kit

Let me know in the comments if you have any other suggestions to add to the new axolotl shopping guide. For more tutorials on axolotl care, check out my list of articles here.

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