Saturday, April 20, 2019

How to Save Your Fish from Chlorine Poisoning

Are your fish suddenly dropping like flies, even though your water test kit says everything’s fine? Might be chlorine poisoning from your tap water, so keep watching to learn the symptoms and how to treat it. Topics include:

▶ What are 4 common causes of chlorine poisoning?
▶ What do the symptoms of chlorine poisoning look like?
▶ How do you treat a fish that has been exposed to chlorine?
▶ How do you prevent chlorine poisoning from happening again?

Materials I Use

Seachem Prime dechlorinator
Fritz Complete water conditioner (with pump head)
Sodium thiosulfate dechlorinator
Tetra 6-in-1 test strips
Quarantine medication trio
Sponge filter


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