Thursday, June 28, 2018

Dealing with Your Partner’s Weight Gain After Marriage

So the other day, my husband Mr. Gamer asked me if I thought he was overweight. Eeee, what do you say that?! Do you go with brutal honesty, white lies, or somewhere in between? I think this brings up a really good question: what do you do if your spouse is overweight and may or may not want to do something about it? So I decided to ask Mr. Gamer, who graciously offered to share his thoughts. In part 1 of the interview, we talked about what to say in a marriage if one spouse tells the other that they’re concerned about an unhealthy weight gain. Key topics included:
  • What if you’re not attracted to your partner anymore? Do you bring it up?
    • There are plenty of things to love about your spouse besides physical appearance, so choose your battles carefully.
    • Honesty is the best policy, but do so with extreme kindness and sensitivity.
  • What if your partner says they’re not attracted to you anymore? How do you take it?
    • If you're receiving the feedback, evaluate whether or not you think it's a valid point and if you are satisfied with your own health.

Interview – Part 1

In part 2, we continued the topic with a discussion on how to accept and support your partner on their weight loss journey. Key points included:

  • Ultimately you can't change your partner, so accept them for who they are and appreciate them in other ways.
  • Be patient because weight loss will not be overnight.
  • View fitness as a family goal, and work together to adapt healthy habits.
  • Seek professional medical advice if necessary.
  • Ask them what their fitness goals are and how you can best support them on their journey.

Interview – Part 2

Question of the Day

How many of you are in a situation where one partner is overweight, and how does the other partner in the marriage support them in their journey? Comment below because we definitely want to hear about your experiences.

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