Saturday, May 26, 2018

How to Set Up an Easy Betta Planted Tank | Hack My Betta Tank

Welcome back to another episode of “Hack My Betta Tank”! This episode teaches you how to transform a 5 gallon aquarium into an easy planted tank for your betta (or other nano fish). The goal is to set up a low-maintenance, low tech tank that’s beginner friendly, so we’ll be using an LED light on a timer, all-in-one fertilizers, no CO2 injection, and slow-growing plants that don’t require a lot of pruning.

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Equipment List

Petsmart Top Fin® 5 Gallon Glass Aquarium
Carib Sea Eco-Complete planted aquarium substrate (black)
Finnex Stingray LED clip-on light
Mechanical timer for lights
Aqueon Pro adjustable heater (50W)
Digital thermometer with high/low temperature alarm
Foam filter sponges
Ceramic bio rings
Filter insert bags
Aquascaping tweezers

Plants List

Staurogyne repens
Aquatic banana plant

Fertilizer List

Easy Green all-in-one liquid fertilizer
Easy Root Tabs substrate fertilizer

Question of the Day

What's your favorite plant for a betta tank? Comment below to share your answers!

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