Friday, June 6, 2014

Dipping My Toe into Instagram

I've heard sooo much about Instagram from various friends (mainly iPhone users), how everyone's jumping ship from Facebook and it's the new channel to be on, etc etc etc. So I went ahead and joined just out of curiosity. Yup, you're looking at the proud new owner of

One problem is... I have no idea how to use it. As in, what kind of photos are you the readers interested in seeing? Because I can't show my face on this blog, selfies are kinda out of the question. So here's my call to action:
  1. If you're on Instagram, follow me so I can follow you back and learn from the experienced in action. 
  2. Let me know in the blog comments what kind of stuff you wanna see me post. This is your chance to get some behind-the-scenes peek into my life!
In other related news, do you like the nice graphics I made for this post and the last one? I was recently introduced to, a free web-based tool for creating your own awesome graphics using pre-made templates. If you ever wanted to make your own professional-looking graphics for your blog, Pinterest, and so on, definitely check it out!

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